The Dance OF Eternity Album

by KiaRaAsTara

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released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


KiaRaAsTara Nelson, British Columbia

Bio :Songs have always carried me thru life and kept me in communion with God and Mother Earth and my own inner guidance on the path of life. The time came for me to share these songs from my heart to yours. May your open heart receive my open hearts songs and offerings to bless you with strength and light on your journey back to a place of unconditional LOVE and one ness with all! ... more

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Track Name: Opening the Veils
Angelic call~ Sad re cou re cou yad re co re co!

The time will come again, when we shall live as one!
The time will come again, when we believe in One for all!

We Shall rise as the Oceans Rise, We will shine with the heavens above!
We shall rise as the oceans rise, we will shine with the heavens above In Love!

~Angelic world bridge~
Track Name: We Are Rising
One heart~ One Mind ~ One truth is LOVE throughout all time!
Were Divine, We Align with the source of what's true to our hearts throughout all time!

Ocean tides the rise and they fall, and the times on earth they rise and they fall they rise and Fall, do you hear the Call? Calling to one and All!

We are rising! We are rising! We are rising truth there's no discussing!
We'll be shining, re defining, Co creating, healing Awakening!

Its time to break free, free, free!
Its time to break free, to claim our destiny and create a new reality!

Angelic horse call

There is no need to be alone, we are all connected we will always be home when we love in our hearts where ever we roam, honoring each other we can take each other home!

Soon you will see there is magic every where, it belongs to us all it is what we all share it is time to care time to become more aware of conscious life and spirit every where!

We are rising! We are rising!
We are rising truth there's no disguising!
We'll be shining, re defining Co creating healing awakening!

Its time to break free, free, free!
Its time to break free, and claim our destiny,
create a new reality
we can love each other free!
Track Name: Returning to One
Angelic fairy tounges

Om home the time has come, to return to return, return to one!
By the power of creation on the earth under the sun,
we return, we return to one,
home, home children come!

Your mother's calling you shes been calling you back to one!
Your father's calling you he's been calling you back to one!
Home to your hearts children come!

Fairy toungs
Track Name: The Dance of Eternity
The Voice of the Hills Speaks volumes to me,
The language of love, her Majesty!
The whispering winds that blow thru the trees,
stirring my soul come dance with me!

We are the sun and the land and the sea, the breath of all life eternity
Feeling the oneness with birds in the breeze,
the flow of the river thru the rocks to the sea.

Break thru, break thru and be one with the all!
Dancing the dance we answer the call!
We are awakening oneness with all
Healing our hearts with the one and the All!

Ancient Memories of times SO true!
Rebirthing the love from in side of you, Magical lights sparkling free,
As the sun beams on water lakes and sea!
Eagles are soaring on wings of pure light, dance in the winds of our ancestors flight, We are the ways of the worlds in between, Open your heart and come dance with me!

Break free, Break free, Break free to be One !
Break free, Break free and shine like the sun!

Come to me, Dance with me!
Track Name: Opening to source
Opening to the source deep with in
deep well spring, deep with in
Believe in your Dreams
Dreams come true

and tho the road may seem so far, just as the light a distant star just remember spirit knows just who you are !
Shining star!


Being who you are, who you are,
Here and now, show me how!
Just to be me, loving free
loving free, free!

And when the rains come pouring down opening your heart from Roots to crown, just let the light come shining down to sacred ground,
The truth you found, the truth you found

Owe dreams come true!

Take off the mask of all my fear, knowing that the love will make it clear and soon the veils of separation all will disappear and So my fear!

Dissolve the fear ~ Love shine thru!
Love Shines thru! love shines thru!
Track Name: Winds of Change
I am the wind, my heart it is calling to you!
Rise from your sleep, awake and arise with me,
I am the way of forest and rivers and streams!

Rise from your sleep
awake and align with me
come to the land to be in the stillness of time
look to the stars, the galaxy is waiting for you!